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Boost CX EVO 4 Fully Loaded Easy On



Product Details

The Benno Boost Fully Loaded is the large family bike that enables you to ride with up to two kids on the back and all their stuff or other loads stored conveniently up front.

The Boost Fully Loaded pack comes with the following accessories included to get you and your family straight out for your first adventure:

  • Mini Side Loaders
  • High Rail Plus
  • Rail Clamp Plus Set
  • 2 x Rack Pad half size
  • 2 x Rail Pads
  • Wheel Guard Boost Mesh
  • Utility Front Tray Black
  • 1 x Dual Kickstand


WARNING: When carrying passengers, rear wheel MUST be covered! Install Benno Wheel Guards or Utility Pannier Bags. Failure to do so could result in serious injury! Make sure that no parts of the body, clothing or load come near moving parts on the bicycle, such as chain, spokes, tyres or brakes.

Do not exceed individual load ratings and max gross weight.


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