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Markus Stitz's Surly Ogre Bike Packing Rig

Posted by andy graham on
Markus Stitz's Surly Ogre Bike Packing Rig

There are not many bikes that have seen as many miles as Markus's Surly Ogre.

In September 2015 Markus set out on his round the world trip retuning in August 2016 having road 34,097KM through 26 countries. 

He built up his Surly Ogre to be an ultra-reliable, bombproof Bike Packing Rig taking advantage of surly's strong but beautifully compliant steal frame and fork to deliver a smooth ride but having the piece of mind that the bike will take everything thrown at it. 

Using a single-speed drive chain with the shops favourite Middleburn cranks and Surly's single speed hub Markus might of had a hard time on some climbs but having a drive chain you don't need to worry about mean more time riding and less time faffing, something we all dream of. 

As all good Surly's should, Markus finished off the build with brooks saddle, another great product we love here at Projekt Ride.

If you are thinking about a new Bike Packing rig wether its to get you into the hills for your first overnighter or planning something as crazy as Markus's trip don't hesitate to get in contact with us. As Edinburghs premium Bike Packing and Gravel Shop you are in safe hands knowing we'll get you not only on a bike you love but on a bike where you'll never want to turn back home.

As always Cycle To Work vouchers are accepted along with trade ins on your old pride and joy.

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