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BIKE SERVICING - Whats involved in ProjektRide's bike servicing?

Posted by andy graham on
BIKE SERVICING - Whats involved in ProjektRide's bike servicing?

Here at ProjektRide, we ensure each bike goes through a comprehensive check before discussing with the customer the best bike service to go for.

If you bring your bike in and it needs a full overhaul along with a bunch of new parts and its going to cost more than your willing to spend, its not a problem. We wont charge you for our time.

If your bike is in a good condition, regularly serviced and just needs a check up from winter hibernation, we would usually recommend our 'Basic Service' coming in at £40, the bike will be fully assessed, the gears and brakes will be adjusted, the chain and cable will be oiled, tyres inflated and a general safety check before our trained mechanic will test ride the bike to ensure everything is running smooth.

Our second tier of servicing is the 'Intermediate service' coming in at £80, where all aspects of the basic service are completed along with a strip down of the drivetrain components. These are washed in our Muc-off parts washer where every ounce of dirt is removed before being refitted and lubricated with Muc-off products. The whole bike gets a light clean and the headset and hubs get adjusted to the correct level.

Finally, our advanced level service (£120). This is highly recommended once a year. This service is a full strip down of every component to ensure nothing will get seized and prolong the life of each part. Once each part is fully cleaned and greased, it gets fitted and torqued to the correct level with the correct anti-seizing product.

Any cables that need replaced will be as part of the service, we will also top up the sealant if you are running tubeless along with applying a protective coating to your frame and forks. There is no extra labour cost for fitting any other parts that your bike may need. Your bike will be leaving the shop as if its a brand new bike. 

We will always take great care of your bike in the shop. Each bike will be test rode by one of ProjektRide team. When we replace cables, there is a slight chance these can stretch over the first 4-8 week bedding in period. If this is to happen - pop in and we will re-adjust for free.

We run a workshop booking diary although we leave a little bit of space each day for walk ins.

Call now or email to book in.

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-0131 374 5324

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