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Kryptonite Kryptolok Mini - 7 with 4' Flex Cable


SKU: PREA23102021.1598

Product Details

This D-lock for bicycles is more compact, it's certified Sold Secure Gold and it comes supplied with a 100cm long Kryptoflex cable.

This arrangement enables you to lock the bike's frame to a railing or whatever with the D-lock, and make the front wheel more secure with the Kryptoflex cable.

Being a little smaller, this mini lock is even more secure than a standard or XL Kryptonite because it limits the space available for a thief's leverage tools.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Mini & 4' Cable Set

  • The D-lock's 13mm-thick hardened steel shackle resists cutting and leverage attacks
  • Kryptonite's latest patent pending hardened double deadbolt design gives additional protection against twist attacks
  • Its high security disc-style cylinder is pick and drill resistant
  • Anti-rattle bumpers reduce noise during transport
  • The lock's protective vinyl coating helps prevent it marring your bike's paintjob when the lock comes into contact with the frame
  • A dust cover stops water and dirt getting into the locking mechanism
  • Supplied with 2 stainless steel keys
  • Supplied with Transit FlexFrame-U frame fit bracket to make it easy to carry the lock on the bike
  • Key Safe Programme - you can order replacement keys if you keep a note of your Kryptolok's unique key number
  • The Kryptolok Mini measures approx 8cm x 18cm (3.25 x 7”) inside the 'D'
  • Maximum external dimensions: 11.5 x 23.5cm (4.5 x 9.5 inches)
  • Approx weight: 1,440g inc Kryptoflex, frame bracket and key



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