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Halo Carbaura RC 700c Wheelsets



Product Details

Our Carbaura RC wheelsets have been designed to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Built around an optimized, Computational Fluid Dynamics tested, aerodynamic profile in a Carbon Fibre chassis, low weights, linear compliance and lateral stiffness were our primary aims with the Carbaura RC wheelsets.

The tried and tested 19mm internal and 25mm external rim widths allow you to run a choice of traditional or tubeless tyres and are well suited to tyres ranging from 25c through to 35c widths to deliver enhanced comfort and grip.

To improve braking performance and rim durability on tough alpine descents, the braking surface has been finished in a 1.5k weave to dissipate heat throughout the carbon structure faster to dramatically reduce temperature build-up.

Handcrafted with lightweight bladed aero spokes to decrease resistance and widely spaced hub flanges the Carbaura RC wheelsets have been built to reduce any possible lateral flex and increase power transfer. The rear wheels uses a 16/8e lacing pattern to balance spoke tensions and withstand torque forces from the centre of the wheel whilst the front wheel uses radical lacing to reduce weight and drag.

Our RS Front and RS 6Drive hubs use fully sealed bearings for year-round longevity. The RS 6Drive hub uses 6 individually sprung reversed pawls, mounted into the hub shell, that simultaneously engage into the 30-point freehub driver for positive torque transfer.

Available in two depths, 35mm, a lower inertia option great for undulating courses, and 50mm, a more aerodynamic option for flatter routes.

Wheelsets are supplied with SwissStop Black Prince pads.


Use only genuine 'Swiss Stop Black Prince' brake pads on these wheels. 

Note: QR skewers not included


100kg is our recommended maximum rider weight limit for these wheels. Rider weights beyond 100kg are often still viable with our wheels, but this does add extra stress to the components and we recommend regular checks with an experienced mechanic. Any warranty issues will be assessed by our in house team on a case by case basis.


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